Missouri Veteran Designation

In Missouri, veterans and military workers can apply and get Military License Plates. They are also eligible for a special “VETERAN” designation on the back of their driver’s licenses. It is added to the back of the permit upon request. It will be shown as a banner emblem.
Take into account that the state law defines this indicator as optional. Now, let’s check out the application process and required paperwork.

Application Process

In Missouri, if a veteran wants to submit and get the designation for the first time must submit the following documents;
  • A release certificate from the US Department of Defense (also known as a DD Form 214). It must bear an "honorable" or "general under honorable conditions" discharge status and establishes the person's service in the United States Armed Forces.
  • You have to provide an ID of the U.S Uniformed Services (DD Form 2). In this case, it must specify the "retired" or "reserve retired status. It has to verify that you have been in the U.S Armed Forces
  • A photo identity card issued by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, if available,
  • Discharge order.
  • Proof of identity (U.S valid passport, birth certificate, etc.)
  • Proof of residency.
Actually, all those work-related documents are also specified in the 302.188 RSMo section.
They may apply only in person with the above-mentioned records package. In case, you don’t have one of the records you may submit a request to the Missouri Veterans Commission and get a copy of it. The address and contact info are specified at the end of the article.
The Commission will review the documentation and determine whether the supplied documents fit the criteria as an equal kind before issuing you an equivalence letter. After receiving the letter, take it to the nearest DMV office and apply for the Veteran Designation on your driver or nondriver license.
You don’t have to make any payments for the indicator, however, the regular new, renewal, or duplicate transaction and processing fees will be charged.


So, if you have successfully got your DL, you have to take care of the renewal as well. However, there is no need to submit the status verification paperwork for each renewal, or duplicate transaction to keep the indicator after it has been added.
So, DOT requires only initial qualification. However, if you previously added the designation and are now seeking it to be added to a nondriver license for the first time or on the contrary, you may be asked to submit the appropriate documentation once again.
Note that this indicator is not obligatory.

State Law

All these processes are controlled by the U.S MO 302.188 regulation. The law defines;
  • Anyone in the United States can receive this Armed Forces work proof by applying for a Department of Defense discharge document (DD Form 214). It has an honorable release or "general under honorable conditions".
  • If a person applies for the indicator for a duplicate permit, he/she has to follow section 302.185.
  • The title shall be placed on the front of the driver's permit and identification cards permitted under this section, and the department of revenue may enact the necessary rules for their administration.
Check the updated data with the nearest Department Revenue Office as well.

Contact Info

Address: Missouri Veterans Commission
ATTN: Veterans Drivers License Designation
205 Jefferson Street
PO Drawer 147
Jefferson City MO 65102-0147
Tel: (573)522-4220