Missouri Vehicle Titling and Registration

After purchasing a car or motorcycle in Missouri, you have to undergo the vehicle titling and registration within 30 days. The services are available at any Department of Revenue office in MO. After successfully proceeding with registration, you may fill in the Missouri license plate application and get standard or personalized tags.

General Requirements for Missouri Residents

In order to complete the registration, MO drivers have to submit the following documents
  • Proof of identity
  • Ownership records
  • Odometer disclosure statement
  • Certificate of /inspection
  • Cheques of applicable charges
Take into account that you may need additional papers if the car is leased or the individual is a new MO resident. The citizens must also obtain a statement of non-assessment proving that they do not owe taxes.
Later, at the office, you have to complete the application form DOR-108 and submit it to DOR. In fact, if someone has paid off a debt on the automobile, you may additionally require a notarized record of:
  • Notice of Lien
  • Lien Release
  • Authorization to Add/Remove Name from Title.

New Residents

In general, new residents go through a slightly different process. In most cases, they must finish the enlistment within a month of purchasing or risk fines. Additional criteria for new citizens include submitting a Statement of Non-Assessment from the assessor's office.
Other related documents are the Missouri Safety Inspection (no older than two months) and the Emissions Inspection (not more than two months old)
Fees, taxes, and other charges that must be paid that include:
  • 4.225 percent state tax Local Sales Tax based on purchasing price (if applicable)
  • $8.50 initial licensure
  • $6 Processing

Vehicle Registration for Military Personnel

In MO, military workers and veterans have special benefits for their vehicles. The first criteria, however, is that they have to own the car and that only one car or motorcycle can be registered by them. Before applying, they have to have their cat inspected within 10 days of entering the state.
Other related records for military workers’ applications are
  • Certificate of Ownership,
  • Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (in lieu of the title)
  • Missouri Title and License Application (Form 108)
  • Statement of Non-Assessment from an Assessor's Office
  • Current Insurance Identification Card
  • VIN verification and odometer inspection
  • Form 768, General Affidavit
In some cases, a fee waiver is available for them.


Each automobile’s papers have to be renewed. The due date is specified on the stickers. The DOT sends you a renewal notice nearly a month prior to the deadline. However, it is recommended to undergo the renewal six months before the due date.
In general, there are three options you may use to renew the documents. First of all, you can go to the DOT’s website and submit an online request. However, not everyone can apply for online services. You have to provide the notice with a PIN (personal identification number) printed on it as well as a VIN number and valid debit or credit card to process the charges.
Another option is to submit your request via mail. Actually, there is no such difference. You have to collect the following papers and mail it to the address specified at the end of the article. The required records are:
  • Form 184 (in case you have not received the notice)
  • Tax receipts
  • Copy of proof of identity
  • Financial Responsibility/Insurance Proof certificate
  • Cheques of applicable payments
You have to have your automobile or motorcycle inspected and emissions checked.
And of course, you may proceed with the in-person application. You have to just take the above-mentioned documents with you to the DOT office and fill out the request form. Later, make the payments and wait for the new stickers.

Fees and Applicable Payments

The applicable payments are as follows:
  • $6 title processing charge
  • $6 processing (1 year)
  • $12 processing charge (2 years)

Contact Info

Address: 105 W. Capitol Avenue
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Tel: 1-888-275-6636