Missouri License Plates types

In Missouri, there are over 100 types of license plates. However, they all can be classified into two groups: Standard and Specialty/Vanity.
Standards are issued to all the residents that title and register their vehicles. However, if you want to personalize your decals with the digits and number combinations you want, you can apply for Specialty ones.

Vanity License Plates

Generally, you can personalize your license tags with the 6 character lettering you want. But, there are some cases when the character use is limited. When you personalize the standard tags you should use up to 6 characters including spaces.
There are applicable fees in addition to regular prices for personalization. Generally, personalization costs $15 in Missouri for standard, organizational, or military plates and $43.75 for historic plates.
Before submitting your request for personalization, you run a quick lookup to check the availability of the lettering you want.

Military Workers and Veterans

Former and current military workers, veterans as well as their immediate family members are allowed to apply for a Military designation on their tags. However, there are some basic rules applicable to this case:
  • First of all, the vehicle must be owned by the applicant or his/her immediate family member.
  • Each person is allowed to register and title only a vehicle.
  • He/she must provide a particular notice proving they are/were on active duty or honorably discharged. The proof may be in the formation of a worker’s ID, discharge papers, or a reference from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Veteran decals include these designations

  • An Air Force license
  • The Congressional Medal of Honor
  • A Gulf War
  • A Retired Navy
  • The Gold Star
Fees vary and in some cases, the workers are to apply for a fee waiver.


The Department of Revenue of Missouri has certain types of number tags to show your support for different organizations and causes. To apply for this type you have to fill in the application form and make an additional payment of $15.

Charity and Group

As we mentioned above, there are special decals that help you to show support for different companies and situations. In Missouri, the available groups are
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Helping Schools
  • Wildlife Conservation
To be eligible, you must first donate to the charity or group that sponsors the plate. Later, you must obtain an authorization statement from the organization to validate your donation.


If you make a minimum amount of donation to any university or college enlisted in DOT, you will be qualified for Collegiate ones.
These tags are available for the following colleges:
  • Central Methodist
  • Webster
  • Missouri State University

Historic and Antique Vehicles

In MO, the cars, trucks, or motorcycles that are at least 25 years old may qualify for antique or historic vehicle plates. Here, the main requirements are as follows.
  • Your car or motorcycle is a collector’s object.
  • The company produced it at least 25 years ago.
  • You use it only for exhibition means.
It mustn’t be driven on roads far from 100 miles from your house for repair. Also, take into account that there are additional charges in the amount of $25.55.

Application Process

Whenever you check out and see that you qualify for one of the above-mentioned types of decals, you may start your application.
The application process is not that hard. You have to fill in and sign the request form, make payments, and submit the following documents
  • Car’s title and registration
  • Proof of identity
  • Valid Driver’s ID
Actually, all the requested documents are available online at the DOT website.
Note: For Personalized/Special tags you have to fill in Form 716. Form 4601 is for veterans and Form DOR0570 is for Historic decals.