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Before operating a car on Missouri highways, all drivers must have a valid driver's permit. However, the car must also have current registration and title, as well as license plates. All this may seem really tiring and a long story but if you check out the requirements and regulations beforehand, you would submit all the applications quickly. Also, take into account that you have to take care of the documents’ renewal. The whole documentation is regulated by the Department of Transportation and in case of emergency or questions, you can contact them. In most cases, the required documents include proof of identity, residency proof, and request forms. Take a look at the website pages to find out the whole information. Here, you may also find some frequently asked questions and their answers concerning the drivers.

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Do I have to take my car to the driving test?

In short, YES. The vehicle on the exam day has to be familiar to you so that you don’t stress out. It must be titled and registered as well as have license plates attached on both sides of it (unless it’s a motorcycle or a trailer).

How do I apply for a duplicate title?

In general, you have to go to the nearest office and present an Application for Missouri Title and License (Form 108) Document, as well as an $8.50 duplicate title charge and a $6 processing fee.

Are there different license plates in Missouri?

There are several different license plates in Missouri. It's not just one registration for cars, boats and motorcycles - there is also the Alaplap plate which can be reserved by residents to show their support of conservation efforts on Oahu island while AWAII needs people like you!

How do I apply for a Disabled Person Placard?

To obtain a disabled license plate, you or one of your immediate family members have to be qualified for that.