Missouri Driver Guide

In Missouri, all the motorists have to hold valid driver’s licenses or learner’s permits as well as have their vehicles titled and registered. Also, all of them should have a Missouri license plate attached on both sides of the vehicle (except motorcycles and trailers). The article below is a short guide on the necessary steps to help you out with the state driver requirements.

Driver License

To legally operate a motor vehicle, motorcycle, moped, or motor-driven cycle on Missouri's public roadways, you must have a valid driving permit. To get your permit you have to be at least 18 years old, pass the state-approved examination and make applicable payments. Those, under 18 can apply for a learner’s permit.
If you have just moved to Missouri you have a month to get your MO DL and undergo all the other processes. If you have had an out-of-state permit, the DOT may not require taking the test again.
In case you just visit the state for a short period, you must have a valid driver’s license from your home state, province, territory, or nation. Also, you have to be at least 16 years old to operate a car in this state.

Renewal and Replacement

Generally, the due date is specified on your documents. The DOT also sends you a reminder notice about six months before the expiration date. The notice will contain the information on whether you can renew online, by mail, or in person at the nearest office.
Take your current certificate or another form of identification if you renew in person. If the DOT requires a vision check, take your contact lenses or spectacles with you to the exam.
You may also be required to undergo knowledge and driving examinations.
If your permit, plates, or any other document is lost, stolen, destroyed, or becomes unreadable, you can ask for a replacement at any licensing office or request a duplicate online.

Registration and Titling

All the cars and motorcycles have to be registered and titled. Generally, the dealers take care of all this paperwork. However, if you have made a private sale, you have to pay a visit to the nearest office, submit your records and fill in the application form.
On the registration day, you will need the bill of sale. There may be some applicable payments.

License Plates

After you’ve registered and titled your car or motorcycle, you can apply for your tags. Generally, you have two options: to get standard or customized ones. If you want to specify the lettering on the decals you have to apply for customized ones. However, before submitting the request, take your time and run a quick Missouri License Plate Lookup and check the availability.
Missouri requires you to attach both tags on your vehicle unless it’s a motorcycle or trailer.


All the motorists should carry the car’s insurance certificate with them. If you fail to submit it to the police, they can ticket you. The insurance must be signed with a state-approved company.
Nearly in all cases, you have to provide a surety bond. The bond amount depends on the car’s value. It must be twice more than the actual value of the automobile or the motorcycle. It can not be less than $100.

Driving records

Your driving records are kept on file by the Department of Motor Vehicles. You may request a copy of it, which includes applications, traffic infractions, motor vehicle violation convictions, crash involvement, and Failure-to-Appear warnings.
You must, however, make some payments. The office has the authority to disclose the information to an insurance carrier, an employer, some volunteer organizations, attorneys, government agencies, drug/alcohol treatment facilities, and school districts where you provide transportation.