Missouri Driver Licensing Checklist

In general, all Missouri residents and non-residents wonder what documentation is required and what steps must be taken to obtain a driver's license. As a result, the accompanying article contains a checklist of actions and required papers to help you through the application process. It also discusses renewal and replacement.

Missouri Non-Residents

Non-residents who already have a valid out-of-state driver’s license or an ID have to submit the following papers on application day;
  • Proof of Identity
  • Legal Status
  • Social Security Number, if available
  • Residency Proof
You may also be required to give an additional email and a mailing address, as well as complete any necessary payments.
If you have misplaced or destroyed your out-of-state permit, the DOT will accept a Clearance Letter or an Affidavit. They have to include the certification number, kind, test results, and, if applicable, endorsements.
You may transfer the test results if you have surrendered your permit or if the due date was less than 184 days ago.
Note: If you drive a commercial vehicle, you should have a hazardous materials endorsement at the time of the CVL transfer. As a result, before applying, you have to pass a MO hazardous materials knowledge test.
What concerns Missouri residents and first-time applicants they have to provide all the above-mentioned documents along with the Driver Examination Record (Form 100).


As a matter of fact, to renew your driving license or nondriver ID, you must display the following records to the nearest Department of Revenue Office;
  • Identity verification
  • Proof of legal status
  • Social Security number, if available,
  • Proof of MO residential address.
Generally, the due date is specified on your records. The DOT also mails you a reminder notification about 6 months before the expiration date. Thus, you have to provide this notice as well on the application day.
Renewal is also available online. To be eligible for electronic requests, you have to first validate your SSN with the Social Security Administration. Your documents will be verified by the office, and you will be granted access to the portal. If you fail the electronic verification, you will be asked to verify the physical documents at the nearest office.


In case you ever lose or damage or someone steals your driver’s permit you can apply to the Department of Revenue for a duplicate, The duplicate law is applicable to all the documents connected to your vehicle or number tags.
If your license does not expire within the next six months, you are eligible for a replacement. You must give proof of identity, SSN, and any verification of your driving records (vehicle title, registration, remaining plates, etc.).
You have to also submit the following information to your local DOR office;
  • The number on your permit
  • Your whole name
  • Your birth date
  • Your postal address and zip code
If the data is successfully submitted, you will be required to pay a duplicate fee. The cost of duplication varies by permit type and is limited to $32. For example, a six-year class B costs $32, whereas a three-year class A costs $26.
If you need replacement when out of state, you may apply via mail. First of all, you have to download, fill in and sign the application form (4317). Later, you need to attach the required records to the form (Valis Passport or ID copy, payment cheques, etc.).
Military workers and veterans may be eligible for a fee waiver. So, if you have a Military ID, attach a copy of it to the request and include "Mil" in the address.