Driver License Fee Chart

In general, all Missouri residents and non-residents wonder what documentation is required and what steps must be taken to obtain a driver's license. As a result, the accompanying article contains a checklist of actions and required papers to help you through the application process. It also discusses renewal and replacement.

Missouri Non-Residents

Surely, each of the procedures when applying for a Driver’s Permit required some charges and payments. Not always it’s possible to check the applicable payment requirements. The article below is a fee chart on specified and exact fees accepted by the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Fees for Permits/Driver Licenses/Nondriver IDs

Note that the charges are decided by the applicant's age and the type of the permit.
Class A/B/C - $16
Class E - $7
Class M (under 16) - $9.75
Class M (over 16) - $7
Class F - $11
Class A/B/C - $26
Class A, B, or C with “S” endorsement - $13.50
Class E - $21
Class E with “S” endorsement - $11
Class F - $13.50
For NONDRIVER ID the applicable charge is $18.
Please, note that the charges are subject to change by the MO Department Of Revenue.

Payment Methods

You may make the payments by cash, personal check, cashier's check, money order, and credit or debit card. Make personal cheques payable to the Missouri Department of Revenue.
Actually, personal checks must have;
  • the applicant’s full name
  • Missouri address
  • bank code
  • account number
Besides all these you have to include the following records as well;
  • DL or Non-Driver ID
  • Birth Date
  • Phone number
For payments via debit/credit cards there is “convenience fee” up to 2.15%.