The driver examination Missouri

As a matter of fact, all individuals who apply for a Driver’s License or Learner’s Permit should pass a driving test before the application. The exam includes practical and theoretical parts as well as a medical background check (vision, etc.).

What is the Missouri Driver Examination?

Missouri Driver Examination is a four-part special test that is required of all motorists who desire to operate a car on Missouri highways. As a result, they must complete the four stages:
  • A written exam on traffic laws and driving safety rules
  • Road sign knowledge evaluation
  • Skills check
  • Eye-sight check-up
The written one consists of 25 multiple-choice questions and covers the laws and driving methods. This is obligatory for Class F. Also, it is worth noting that for Class E there may be some questions concerning the commercial vehicles.
When you apply for a new or renewed permit, you have to complete an acumen vision check-up. The acuity of at least 20/40 in either or both eyes is considered normal.
Take into account that if you wear glasses or contact lenses, you can carry them during the examination. In case you fail it, you’ll be asked to see a doctor and then retake the check-up.
Road-sign and motorist tests are quite easy. For the first one, the instructors generally review your overall knowledge of the road signs. The second one is only available if you successfully pass all the above-mentioned stages. If so, you will be asked to operate a vehicle with a special instructor.
The vehicle you drive should be yours. It has to be titled, registered and have valid license plates. It should work properly and meet the DOT standards.

Who has to take an exam for Driver’s Permit?

All the residents who are applying for a new DL should take an exam. If you moved to Missouri but have a valid out-of-state permit you may just take the eye-sight check. However, there is also a case when the DOT can require examination: if your current license has been suspended.
MSHP supervises all these processes and to register for the quiz you have to visit the MSHP nearest office in your county.

Name and Age Verification

Whenever registering for a quiz day, you have to provide your proof of identity. It must show your full legal name and contain your birthdate. Generally, the acceptable proofs are a valid U.S or foreign passport (with a VISA), birth certificate, or an ID. If you have a Social Security Number, submit it as well.
This identification has to also be presented to the Department of Revenue when applying for a driver’s license or permits, as well as while taking the written or driving examinations.

On the test day…

To qualify for a license, you must complete all four stages (vision check-up can be done on another date) and succeed in them on that day. The instructor will guide you through the whole process. You are going to be asked to complete the following steps for a test:
  • Starting the vehicle.
  • Unleashing the parking brake.
  • Confirming that the path is clear.
  • Following the traffic signs.
  • Maintaining a smooth and consistent speed.

Grading System

The examiner notes the mistakes you are doing and deducts points. If you lose more than 30 points you fail the exam. The failure will be unpredictable as well if you fall into an accident of your fault, damage a pedestrian, violate any traffic law, etc.
In case of failure, you may retake the testing another time. On one day, you are allowed only one quiz. However, if you fail three times in a row, you have to provide a notice from the Department to qualify for a retake.